My obsession with art and my love for popsicles have been a constant through out my life. Growing up in Southern California where it is hot every Summer and eating a popsicle seemed like the natural thing to do, or the whole box when no one was looking, lol. Art is everything to me whether I am creating it myself, studying the masters back in the day or supporting those creating their masterpieces.

Betsy and I met organically on Instagram when she commented on a Betsey Johnson Popsicle Wristlet I strassed in Swarovski Crystals and the rest is history. The first time we talked was over the phone for about an hour, we talked about art in general, are love for color and popsicles, California ((I miss home)), what we both loved about each others talents and how we could combine what we do and make it amazing.

 Betsy’s work is incredible naked! So to say that I am honored is an understatement when it comes to her trusting me to take her finished work and do what I do to make it sparkle. Finished work from an artist is like them giving a piece of their soul away. I respect all levels of the shared collaborative process we both put towards each piece we make together. Are work currently is being sold and collected from California to as far as Dubai, UAE, which I still think is so cool and can barely wrap my head around that our art has gone that far around the world.


Our pieces melt quickly so check back often and don’t forget to follow Betsy for new sparkle pops available on her site. Support The Arts, Support Women & Support Making Art!

IG: @betsyenzenberger