Dreams really do come true…growing up in Southern California and being 15 minutes from the Magic Kingdom how could I not be obsessed with all things Disney related. My mom in her early twenties worked at the Blue Bayou and Club 33. After leaving Disney to move onto other adventures she always used her Disney training and told the best stories about her experience at the park.

During Covid - 19 I went down the rabbit hole and started strassing all of my Disney x Danielle Nicole purses and one of them sold to this amazing wedding photographer Kiamarie Stone. She told me that upon receiving the purse that she was blown away by all the sparkle. A few photos and tagging later on Instagram, none other than Danielle Nicole herself reached out to Kiamarie and asked who made her purse sparkle like that? Um, me of course.

So I have my friend KiaMarie to thank for this incredible opportunity. Working with Kiamarie behind the scenes was such an education in itself. I feel she really helped give me that extra push to take the big jump and swim with the big fish, so to speak. I will forever be grateful for her kindness and helpful insight.

Finally getting to speak with Danielle, she gave me my first challenge to crystal an entire Mulan backpack and Snow White Princess purse. Both turned out gorgeous. These pieces sealed my fate and showed Danielle my talent of making her designs sparkle unlike anything else.


Danielle offered me the chance to collaborate on her Disney Cinderella Themed Anniversary Holiday Collection 2020. I was so happy with how gorgeous these designs turned out. I learned a lot on working with a two well known brands and working with KiaMarie for the Disney Purse Photo Shoot. I hope to work with these exceptionally talented ladies again soon and of course Disney.

The Cinderella collection did not last long and sold swiftly at the time their release. If you have any of these 3 pieces I am more than happy to make them sparkle for you. If you are interested in having your memories captured by one of the best please contact KiaMarie. And, for the latest released Disney Collections please check out Danielle Nicole.

IG: @dnhandbags
Website: www.danielle-nicole.com