Queen of Crystal uses only genuine Swarovski Crystals on all swimsuits, shoes, hatboxes and accessories.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements manufactured by Swarovski. With more than a hundred years’ experience of high-quality craftsmanship and mastery in cutting, the company produces light-filled crystals of breath-taking range and brilliance. Sought by designers, creators and innovators throughout the world of design, these exquisite, on-trend elements exert a sparkling allure, evoking deeply felt individual responses in all whose lives they touch.

Gorgeous, refined, and functional, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are the preferred choice for major designers around the world. In their hands, crystal comes alive to give works of startling beauty and originality.

The crystals are available in a wide variety of fabulous colors and shades (shown below).


Color Chart