Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who are you and why should I trust your service?customer_service

– My name is Lauren M. Lyle. I am a designer, stylist and fashion forecaster. I have been in the business of fashion for the past 20 years. My passion is making the ultimate statement without sacrificing the element class.

Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. – Henry Ford

Q) I’ve seen many high end designer shoes and clothing in the Vault on your website. Are they authentic?

– Yes, I only work with 100% authentic merchandise. If someone is willing to pay me $1,000 to strass (crystallize) their counterfeit shoes or clothing, I would turn them down.

Q) What is the process for ordering custom luggage?

Q) Well, how much would it cost for custom strassed pieces?
-Please email me with what you are interested in having strassed. Rates are based on the amount of crystals and materials used.


Q) Do you only strass women’s clothing and shoes?
– Of course not. While I have never had a commission from a male client, I have no problem strassing a sneaker, boot, or an article of clothing. Please email me for a quote.

Q) Do you have any guarantee on the longevity of the crystals? I’m afraid they will fall off.
-With any sort of embellishment, there’s no absolute guarantee they will stay on. The glue I use is marketed as a “Permanent Adhesive”. If you happen to bang them hard against the corner of something, I’m sure one or two might come off. I do make repairs for a minimal fee. Would you go thrashing around in a piece made by Harry Winston? Think of what your wearing as if you are wearing diamonds.

Q) Do you ship international?
– Yes.



Q) What method of payment do you accept?

– Check(no charge)
– Money Order (no charge)
– PayPal(+ 7%, this portal charges me fees to accept payments, so I am forced to pass on these fees to you. Otherwise, it would be coming out of my labor costs.)



Q) I haven’t heard from you in a few days. I’m starting to get worried.
– Please don’t worry. If you haven’t heard from me, it’s only because I’ve been very busy or simply because your custom piece is in transit. Once they arrive, I will send you a confirmation email, followed up with progress pictures of your custom piece.

Q) I ordered my custom piece from you three weeks ago. What’s taking so long?
– Unless you paid the additional $150 for a two-week turn around, your custom piece will be worked on in the order I received them, and can take up to six weeks to be returned. Each custom piece needs to be sent to to be photographed before it is sent on to you.



Q) I’m not at all happy with my custom piece, I and want a refund. (This has not happened, but just incase you need an answer.)
– I do not offer a refund on my service. Please explain to me your concerns and we can work something out.



Q) Do you have any guarantee on the longevity of the crystals? I’m afraid they’ll fall off.
– It is best to avoid engaging in activities, which might damage or dislodge the crystals.
With regards to swimwear do not expose them to intense heat or extended periods in water.

Q) How do I clean my swimwear?
-Gently hand wash in warm water with mild detergent. **Do not soak more than 3 hours**, rinse and remove excess water by placing between two clean dry towels and press the water out of the fabric. Please refrain from wringing swimsuit as this may cause damage to your swimsuit. Once most of the water is removed, lay flat to dry.

Q) How do I maintain the life of my Queen of Crystal swimsuit?
-When you receive your Queen of Crystal swimsuit, you will immediately notice that it is much heavier than your standard swimsuit. This is due to the weight of the Swarovski Crystals adorned on the swimsuit. To maintain the life of your custom piece, we recommend that you store your swimsuit in a cool place on a shelf, a drawer or protective case. It is best not to hang your swimsuit as the weight of the crystals will eventually cause the strings to stretch over time.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, please send an email to