Expert Advice

But of course darling… You can wear Queen of Crystal swimsuits in the water! However, as with all luxury items, use care in wearing, handling and laundering your new Queen of Crystal swimsuit. It is best to avoid engaging in activities which might damage or dislodge the crystals. Do not expose your suit to intense heat or extended periods in water. With respect to laundering, gently hand wash your swimsuit in warm water with mild detergent. **Do not soak for more than 3 hours**, rinse and then remove excess water by placing between two clean dry towels and press the water out of the fabric. Please refrain from wringing swimsuits as this may cause damage to your swimsuit. Once most of the water is removed, lay flat to dry

When you receive your Queen of Crystal swimsuit, you will immediately notice that it is much heavier than your standard bikini. This is due to the weight of the Swarovski Crystals adorned on the swimsuit. To maintain the life of your custom piece, we recommend that you store your swimsuit in a cool dry place on a shelf, in a drawer or in a protective case. It is best not to hang your swimsuit as the weight of the crystals will eventually cause the strings to stretch over time.

In the event of damaged or dislodged or lost crystals on your swimsuit, please call or visit our website where you can contact us and send it back for a minimal repairing fee.