about_BC_WXMake up never looked so good!

“Two chicks born from the same egg” as we like to tell it…Daydreaming all Summer, Kentucky Derby hat designer Amy Terrill and theme wear extraordinaire Queen of Crystal – Lauren Lyle came up with “Blonde Coco”. An exclusive line of Swarovski Crystal make up brushes and vintage make up caddies.

We have created custom sets from our favorite line: Morphe Brushes in sets of three, five and eight pieces with many exclusive colors to choose from named after several famous global cities. Along with our numbered brush sets we have also added pink hair kabuki brushes available in any 1 solid color or multi-color of your choice. We are not limiting ourselves to just brushes…EOS Lipbalms are available in any color. Vintage vanity cases are being restored, revamped and crystalized with over 5000+ of Swarovski Crystals. Talk about ultimate showstoppers. They are unique, one of a kind and custom made. No two are alike seeing that there are not many available any more, which makes the pickings slim on this very totable accessory. Upcoming projects getting ready to be photographed are make up palettes too.

Any make up artist, blogger, fanatic and vlogger can have all the make up in the world, but only you can have custom Swarovski Crystalized Set of Morphe Brushes.